Add extra card detail from queue

Adding extra card detail from queue would be nice.
Power-up rem should be added automatically.

Interesting; what’s an example of something you might want to add? We could maybe add this to the “edit now” panel.

Yes I’m thinking of clicking on ‘edit now’ and then add extra card detail where I can simply type some extra information that I want to be reminded of next time when learning the card.
Very often I have to connect the rem in my queue with another rem, and I would love to be able to connect it easily in my extra card detail.

Working with it on the computer I would love to have a hotkey for adding extra card detail.

Would those queue features be available also for the free plan or are we stuck with the version we have now?
I’m not a pro user.

You actually can add extra card details from the queue: Click on edit now, the rem you want to edit, enter, tab, type ##e, enter and add you extra card detail but as you can see, these are a lot of steps. Some kind of shortcut would therefore be very useful.

Great idea btw, I’m implementing this into my workflow to reference flashcards that help me remember the answer.