Add to queue feature

A feature where you can add individual documents to the queue would be great.
For example, if I am learning the flashcard of a single subject and there are rems linked that I would also like to learn/repeat, I would like to be able to add them to the queue with one click.

The document with it’s rem do not belong to the subject I am learning and I would not like to move the documents back every time after the exam. And copy-pasting rems doesn’t fulfil the function of the app if you then find a term in 3 folders with its subpoints and then don’t know which of the terms you should link in future.

Use a portal and turn it into an embedded queue.

Does it directly turn into an embedded queue when using the portal?

Just make sure all the rem you want to practice are unfolded in the portal before you turn it into a queue.

Alright, thank you very much.

Sorry just one more question but I wanted to make sure its working. So do I have to unfold even all the subpoints (e.g. mechanism, indication etc.)?

ctrl+shift+down arrow on the parent to unfold all children

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