Adding MathType into RemNote?


I’m a new RemNote user (just discovered this maybe 3 days ago). I’m new to this whole world of flashcard/active recall/spaced repetition applications for learning too actually, so forgive me if what I’m proposing is a bit out there (I don’t know much about the constraints of apps like these :p).

I’m moving in from Google Docs, and on Google Docs (+ some other word processing apps probably), you can type equations and such out with a sort of MathType. Could that be added into RemNote too?

Hey Jablammo,

There is a way to format math in RemNote called LaTeX. It might seem a little daunting to use at first, but you’ll get used to it and learn to appreciate it :slight_smile:. To start using LaTeX, you need to enter 2 dollar signs (or “\latex”) and then type the LaTeX “code” into the popup. If you want to learn how to use LaTeX, click on the question mark on the bottom corner of the popup and you’ll be brought to a webpage explaining some of the syntax. You could also search for some tutorials on the internet and learn it that way (if you don’t already know how to use LaTeX).


I’m not a math person, but when I need a math expression in latex format I type it out in demos and when I copy it from demos it seems to be automatically marked up in latex, from which point I paste into remnote in the latex code pop up


Ahhh alrighty, thanks for the tips Remember and roon11!