Advanced Queries Workflow Examples

We released the Alpha version of Advanced Queries with 1.7 (read here for more info). We would love to see some working examples of how the community uses this feature here.

Note: If you have any feedback for the feature please share them here. Let’s use this thread to only share workflow examples please.


In the past, a simple query of the To-Do power-up rem (finished and unfinished) will result in all, including custom CSS, template, etc, things I have no intention to inquire.

Now with the advanced logical operators, I can query all unfinished to-do items while excluding unwanted rems, making an automagical tracking system on unfinished things (that I actually want to remember)! It works like magic!


Before having the advanced logical operators, I used to have 90 query results of “unfinished” to-do items, as a result of custom CSS and template, etc. Now as y’all can see, it returns only 20 items that I actually need to do right now or in the near future. With the logical operator, RemNote is getting smarter and more attentive to what I truly desire to know. An amazing progress.


How are you using it? been working all day with remnote as usual and didn’t notice anything new!

EDIT: nevermind, found it!

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Thanks for all your work


I just noticed your question lol


I would like to query my unfinished todos that contains rems references with “@” character . I name persons with this template : " [[@name]]"

What would be a way to do that?
I have a invalid query when I try this: