Alias not Working

When selecting an alias from a Rem reference, it gives an error.

This could part of a bigger problem from the latest version. The bug report is Reference context menu stopped working since Version 1.3.13 #1239

They might be related, but probably different issues. I’ve tried replicating the bug. It looks like that you can’t copy references made from [[ but you can otherwise, such as references made from the keyboard shortcut and highlights.

Yes, I am having the exact same issue. Can’t do anything with references at the moment.

To give some more detail: If I use the keyboard instead of clicking on “add alias” I get this error message:

Something went wrong.

Please try refreshing the page. If the problem remains, please provide additional detail on the help page.

Error: Unable to find DocumentOrShadowRoot for editor element: [object HTMLDivElement]. URL: RemNote

I can also confirm the same behavior on the desktop app

  1. I can’t make a pin from an alias
  2. when I try to make an alias I can’t rename it without a portion of the parent rem being part of the name

I’m having this issue too.

Same here :expressionless:
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