Aliasing issues

Hey guys! I’m having a little trouble with aliases. I’ve created a page called Protein Protein Interactions, and inside that page created the alias “PPI” but when I reference something using PPI, it takes me to an untitled page that then links to the protein protein interactions page. Is there a way to use the PPI alias to link directly to the protein protein interaction page?



I think it’s very possible that you created your alias the wrong way

Try this :
In any document, type [[protein , this should show you all existing rem starting with “protein”
select the Protein Protein Interaction
now you have a link to your rem Protein Protein Interaction
Right click on it, click Aliases

If that allows you to create the alias you want, that means that your syntax to create the alias PPI manually was not right!
It should look like this (with → meaning child, or “tab”)

Protein Protein Interaction
→ [[~/Aliases]]
→ → PPI

In addition to what ftfk said, you can use Ctrl+Shift+R while inside any rem to copy it’s rem reference. Then, you can paste it in any other rem and create an alias for it. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks so much guys! You’re right. I had been going into the body of the ten, and essentially creating an alias there which was just aliasing a blank rem! So I did /Alias up in the title of
The rem And It worked like a charm :slight_smile: @ftfk your method worked well too! Thanks for supporting us new comers! :slight_smile: