All pages have the "merge" prompt at the bottom

I find that there is an orange “merge” lozenge at the bottom of all of my pages suggesting that there is another document with the same name. This isn’t true. Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding this lozenge ?

It is supposed to be if there is another rem anywhere in your KB with the exact phrasing used before. So it would not be limited to the name of a document but any rem with that exact phrasing

Aside from that it sounds like you are understanding correctly if I am understanding you properly



So to be clear, you also have the Merge button on the first screenshot?

Yes, I had the situation where the merge button was appearing in the first screenshot. It may be coincidental but it was on a lot of rems that were headers and had an emoji as the first character. Today, as an experiment, I checked half a dozen of them and they all had the merge button. I then logged out and logged back in again and the merge button is no longer there. I’ve had a number of issues (which sadly i can’t provide steps guaranteed to reproduce them) where the in memory index seems to get out of wack i.e.

  • search not finding nodes I entered a few moments ago,
  • nodes indicating references exist even though I have deleted those references (especially after moving a node and deleting the portal left behind - the moved node still says it is referenced on the original page),
  • suggesting nodes are duplicates that aren’t.

All of these issues are resolved by logging out and logging in again which I presume refreshes any in-memory indices / caches.

I realise this report isn’t very helpful to the dev’s since I can’t reliably reproduce the problem. If I ever figure out a reliable way to reproduce it I will post back here.

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@dcoales I should say that I have at times experienced this fleetingly as well. But haven’t been able to reproduce it at all. Good thinking about posting this as a feedback, rather than a bug report at this point.
Less work for the mods :slight_smile:
really appreciate the behaviour! Have a great day!

@hannesfrank I have the orange merge button in almost every rem when I log in to Remnote in Chrome. When I use the app for Mac there is no merge button on any of the rem.
Logging out and in doesn’t solve it. Clicking merge does nothing.

I sometimes find those as well :frowning: Especially annoying when it shadows the Todo shortcut. Hope we can fix this soon!

Yes, I too have experienced this. Only the slash command for Merge works in those cases.

I have a theory though @hannesfrank,
For all new merges i.e. duplicate rems created recently the merge button and keyboard shortcut works.
For all old merges, i.e. duplicate rems that were created a while back ( I am guessing before the major backend rework that happened a few months ago) it doesn’t work.

Does that make sense?

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For me there are no duplicate rems.
And there is a difference between the app and the browser version.

  • In the app everything works fine. No merge button, unless there is a duplicate rem. One click and it’s merged so the button disappears again.
  • But in the browser version almost all rems, old and new (a day old) have the merge button. Clicking doesn’t do anything. If I do a search only one rem shows up.

Could you try erasing your cache in the browser and try again?
Also what version is your web app on?

I erased the chrome cache and all the cookies, service worker, local storage, database storage and cache storage, but after restarting chrome the merge button is still visible in all the rems.
I tried the site in Safari and here it is the same (I had not used Safari before for Remnote). So my guess it is not browser related.

Web app version is 1.3.8. btw

Hmmm, it definitely seems to be a bug in that case. We will investigate this further, thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

Another thing I have noticed: This morning the rems I made yesterday did not have the merge button. To try it out, I logged out of the website and logged back in and now they all have the merge button. Hope this gives more insight.

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I suspect there is an issue with the merge feature

I have a rem where the merge button appears yet when I press it nothing happens (no merge occurs). When I do a search or look through the document list only 1 rem in total appears with that name

There are other instances where it appears the merge does not work properly. There are a few times when the merge warning shows up (though in those cases there is more than 1 rem unlike above so a merge is indeed required) but when the merge option is pressed nothing happens

Seems like I always have these hiccups so not sure if I should share but just in case others have the same issue & I am not alone