All the simplified Chinese displayed as traditional Chinese


All the simplified Chinese displayed as traditional Chinese.

And the English font also looks weird.

Is it because you don’t have simplified Chinese support?BTW the 1.3 is fine.

Did you use Custom CSS to change the font?

No I didn’t.

Thanks for the reply

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I never used any custom CSS

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The font in your screenshot is strange…

Yes, and nothing in my custom CSS.

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Do you use any Extension to edit CSS like Stylus?

No AFAIK I didn’t do any customization. I also disabled all the official pluggins.

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Is the vesion of RemNote 1.4.3-beta?
You can try reloading the tab…
Which browser are you using?

brave,chrome both the same

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You can try downloading then install this font to your computer…
This is the main font of RemNote now… i found it in F12 Dev Tool
Inter - Google Fonts


OK thank you. Hope it works :joy:

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Thanks for the report - is this in the Desktop App?

It is browser. Brave, chrome, edge all have the same issue. I still have to rely on custom css to make it display correctly.

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Hi Martin

Any idea why the font still like this?

I didn’t do any customization. Before v1.4 was OK.

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I have the same issue in my windows Desktop APP.
But my chrome display normally.

Is there any setting about font?

I didn’t use any custom CSS too.

App Version
Version 1.4.7

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Have no idea. My home computer is OK. But my work computer is not. Both on windows. I have to use custom CSS to force it looks normal. But it only works on the main pages, some system menu still not working. In case you need it.

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My mac desktop APP is OK.
Only my windows desktop APP has this issue.

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