Allow for mass formatting for multiple Rems

It would be great if RemNote could allow the mass formatting of multiple Rems.

E.g. Select a whole block of Rems and bold them. Or turn them into headers.

Current way involves clicking on each Rem and doing it manually, which is really time-consuming

You can apply rem-level formatting like header and highlight by using the bottom toolbar when you have multiple rem selected.

I’m not sure if it makes semantically sense to have bulk operations for inline formatting like bold/italic/underline since these do not apply formatting to the rem as a whole, but only to (a part of) the content of a rem.
I think it would be better to use styling tags for that as well. Like

[data-rem-tags~="bold"] .rem-text { font-weight: bold; }

And now you can apply these styling tag to multiple rem selected rem by copying the styling tag with Ctrl + Shift + S first and paste it onto the selection with Ctrl + V. The only thing missing for this workflow is a builtin way to associate a specific tag directly with a shortcut. You can use any third party text expander capable of pasting text though, e.g. Autohotkey.

Thanks for that, Hannes! I didn’t realise you could do that via the bottom bar. Also, thanks for tip on using styling tags, that worked like a charm!

On another note, do you know if it’s possible to hide tags and only see them if you hover over them? Just for a more ‘cleaner’ and aesthetic look for things

Thanks again for everything you do for the community

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I wrote a little guide about hiding tags.

You probably want something like

.rem:not(:hover) .hierarchy-editor__tag-bar {
   display: none;

(This shows on hovering the rem. Having only the tag bar as hover area is a bit glitchy.)

Thank you for being a Life Long Learner!

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Gah, I seriously don’t know what we’ll do without you. Thanks again for being awesome! Hiding tags may seem trivial and a mere ‘aesthetic’ feature, but it really makes the workspace so much nicer to be in. So thanks again for that :blush:

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