Allowing users to manually able/disable sync on desktop app

I have been unable to use remnote on my desktop app (on Mac). The entire interface is simply loading or I see the loading icon on the bottom right, saying it’s indexing the files.

This issue has been quite frustrating. I want to keep using remnote, but if it keeps getting buggier and slower due to sync issues, I am unsure I can have the same kind of excitement towards remnote if this issue continues. Please don’t get me wrong. I think remnote is amazing, and I make this suggestion out of love for remnote and the team working hard to make it the best product it can be.

I think one way to address this issue while you guys are working hard on making the sync as seamless and smooth as it can be is allowing users to manually able/disable sync. (I believe we have a button that allows us to manually force the sync. What I am talking about is preventing the app from syncing on its own.) If I understand correctly, the team wants remnote to be a tool we can use without having have to upload our data to the server (i.e., sync), so why can’t we disable the sync and store things locally and not have to face this sync issue? Please forgive me if there is a way to do this. I did look around the setting but just couldn’t find a way to do this. Maybe I just need to stay logged out? I tried this but still it goes into this indexing loop. In terms of UX, I don’t think this is an ideal interaction flow. I should be able to say I don’t want the app to sync and interrupt my workflow even as I am still logged into my account.

Anyways, please consider adding that feature, e.g., under “advanced” in the setting. I think it will help address the problem users like me are facing.

Thank you so much for building this amazing product. I can’t live without it, but that makes issues like this (unable to use when I want to) all the more frustrating. Thank you in advance for considering adding this feature.

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform.