Alt + Enter to create new rems irrespective of the cursor position

Just putting it out there for new users as I don’t see this in official keyboard shortcuts list. Or is this documented somewhere? If not, someone please add it to keyboard shortcuts list.

You don’t have to go to end of the current line and press Enter to create a new rem below. Instead just Alt + Enter will create a new rem in a single shot, irrespective of your cursor position. This works on Windows at least. For Apple devices, it is Option + Enter

Though slightly different, the feature request Shortcut for add sibling rem/node? reminded me of this



agree, alt + enter is not in shortcut list


On apple devices it’s just Option+Enter


Perfect, I just added that to the description as well.

Alt + Enter is mentioned here, but sounds more like an Enter button replacement. Guess they just forgot to add it for when that wasn’t ticked on and worked as you said?


Looks like this setting can disable the default Alt + Enter behavior. But still nothing like what the default behavior of Alt + Enter is. If not possible to remap, at least the default behavior Alt + Enter can be mentioned here.

This is my new favorite shortcut. Thank you!

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