Android Search Access Point

I find having to open the sidebar in Androod every time I need to make a search a bit cumbersome. On the non mobile devices it’s not such a big deal since there are hotkeys

Would love if we could have the a search icon such as a magnify glass at the top of the app beside the other icons. Less jumping around

I know Android is early development but this would make things more fluid for me

totally agree.

can’t upvote though cause reached limits already :hole: sorry :slight_smile:

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The search function does not work for me on mobile most of the time. Whenever I start typing the app just freezes and becomes unresponsive. I have to close it and try to find it manually. Anyone having similar issue?


I can’t say I’ve had the freezing issue before. For me it’s more of a matter that the search is hit & miss with the results

Lately I avoid the Android as when I use my sync knowledge base populates duplicates on my main device

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