I apologise for this but I was not sure whether to place this here in the feedback or in macro discussions or bugs section. So please feel free to move it to a more suitable heading. I also I apologise for how this message may read - with poor spelling and grammar and the fact that I tend to be very blunt and to the point with my written English.

MY GENERAL PREMISE (split into an overview and objective):

I have started this topic as a way to better centralise the discussions of the issues that android users specifically tablet users may run into when using the app version of remnote available via the google play store. I am fully aware of the fact that android will cover both tablets and phones and I anticipate that user needs are going to vary depending on whether you are a phone user or a tablet user - but since I primarily use tablet devices I won’t really commenting on the phone situation.

I realise that for mobile phone users of the app being able to just make minor edits on your device and review flashcards are your core needs for remnote on mobile platforms and that these needs are already being met so you may not be hitting glass ceiling with this app. So again this post may not necessarily be directed at you.

I have been a long term user of this app (quite literally my account has “grandfather access” to some features - if that gives you a clue of how long I have been around) and have currently got a life time subscription to this app. I purchased it because firstly I am a college student and I thought that this app would help and complement my studies. As well as, I believing that with the feature set that was advertised, like the app being a cross platform app (desktop pc, iOS, Andriod and mobile), the team’s statement that they would be actively developing it to provide more core features, increase app stability that this app would have a considerable amount of potiential going forward.

As much as I appreciate the time and effort that the team has gone through to get this app to where it is today with the increased functionality, stability and upgrades to the GUI etc. I have become rather disillusioned with the apps performance specifically with it on android tablet platforms.

I am fully conscious of the unfortunate reality that android tablets cover a lot of devices with varying levels of functionality and capability but I have to say that I feel rather neglected when I compare iPad experience of the app to the android experience of it. The lack of full functionality in both the web versions and mobile app version with the inability to make image occlusion cards and freely edit rems on andriod versus the iPad. In fact it seems that there is almost full desktop functionality on the apple platform; has driven me to this stark conclusion. This lackluster performance on the android platform particularly when compared to the polish that is seems to have on iPads and desktop has marred my view of the app as a whole making it difficult for me to reccomend it since I do not have a great experience with in due my inability integrate it into my workflow without jumping through hoops. And regrettably if the reviews on the google play store are anything to go by then it seems like I am not the only one with this sentiment. I am almost forced to make the conclusion that more time and effort is being put into the apps performance on apple than on android simply because in the USA where the app was developed the majority of the tablets happen to be apple devices - leaving users who are on other platforms for various reasons behind.

Which is the my rational for creating this thread. I realise that there may not be a huge amount of andriod users of the app especially on the tablet mediums or even people who just simply care. However, I am creating this thread as a way to collate known issues on the andriod platform and bring attention to the existence of the andriod user base with the hopes that if developers are made aware that there are a critical mass of users who are all experiencing this serious defect in their app they will be more compelled to address this problem making the user experience more uniform and better for all users of remnote.

If this message is enough to get this point across then great otherwise I politely ask that please if you are an android user with simliar concerns that you do any or all of these 3 things:

1 - Please post any issues that you have on the app here along with with your andriod version and brand samsung lenovo xiaomi etc. just so that it will be clear if issues are localised to one particular platform or a universal issue
2 - Leave a review about your experience in the play store
3 - just post a little hello message saying that you are a user of remnote on the android platform.

I hope that you all have a great day.

‘A Nobody Versus The World’

PS: ~ on a not so serious note ~ I know that I cannot spell and have crap grammar don’t judge me for it :rofl:

Please copy and paste this post to the general feedback section on the new platform, as the forum’s feedback sections will be moving there. I can do it for you, of course, but I assume you’ll prefer to be the OP of the thread.

Thanks for the heads up about that i’ve also posted it there.

Just as a start.

Galaxy Tab s4, Galaxy Tab s6 and Galaxy Tab s7+ running android 10, 11 and 12 respectively:

  1. Problem creating cloze cards using touch and mouse input from interface. The {{insert cloze}} shortcut is a workaround solution but doesn’t fix the fundamental issue that one should be able to create cloze card from the mouse or pen input

  2. Problem importing images to create occlusion cards. ‘Drag and drop‘ from screenshots or image source do not work and Cnt+v does not paste images from clip board. Cicero Silva found a work around using but once again this does not rexolve the defect in the app regarding editing rems.

These issues have exsited in remnote since prior to may 2021 and still a year later currently exist in the mobile app.