Anyone tried to do a Notion CSS Theme?

I would specially would like to try the font styles they have. Just curious, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t believe at this time many CSS themes have been developed. Less then a handful besides Dark Reader + modifications. Definitely something I think others would be interested in if maintained.

If the developer maintains the CSS standard, they will come with time. I will for one, when the dev shows little sign of modifying the UI too much.

That’s my main concern currently, I want to ensure there is not a mass overhaul of UI that will make maintaining a longer then need be process. I’m not sure if currently for example if the dark theme will be changed to not roughly just reverse colors but more fully support colors and such for highlighting by default.

I have built numerous themes for RoamResearch and it has changed often enough to make me worry. I will be making some small changes such as cleaning up the portals/references, and tags, but nothing major.

For example, Roam is in the middle of a massive refactor of their CSS, so I am not touching that either at the moment.

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I’m sure we’d all like to see what you come up with! Maybe @Martin or someone on the Team can give us some transparency on if there is any mass overhauls in the works.

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This seems relevant [Poll] Should we further improve the markup?

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Stability and core feature sets are more important. Though a compromise could be made to at least have a vision as to the future standards. Beyond colors slight presentation tweaks, you really shouldn’t modify the CSS too much on the users end - unless you have the time. They will likely break and need to be refactored. But it is always fun. Just my opinion.

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