Are cards which have the same parent rem clustered in the queue?


  • Parent1
    • descriptor1:: 1
    • descriptor2:: 2
    • descriptor3:: 3
  • Parent2
    • Concept1:: 1
    • Concept2:: 2
    • Concept3:: 3

In my experience, those cards which have the same parent rem tend to appear collectively in the queue.


  • Is it just because I tend to create those rems in sequence or are they clustered by an algorithm?
  • Depending on whether a card is created using descriptor or concept, is there any difference about ways to cluster them?

Background (feel free to skip):
Many people have requested the feature to shuffle cards in the queue. I believe there should be an option to remove this kind of clustering as well after shuffling. I’m worring about it because there are options to disable document, reference and tag clusters from the settings, however, there is no option to disable this kind of clusters described above (rem clusters so to speak?).

Even though I’ve turned off all clusters options in the Ordering section in the settings, flash cards still seems to be clustered, especially those created with descriptors.

I’m not sure cards with descriptors are clustered, but if it’s so, it’ll be a problem in the following case.

If there is a rem like this:
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.56.07

Fowards is fine, but if backwards:

  • atomic number:: 2 -> Helium
  • symbol:: He -> Helium
  • definition:: an inert gas which is the lightest member of the noble gas series. -> Helium

The all answers are “Helium” which is no so great for flash cards in my opinion.

This seems solved by the update of RemNote 1.2 - February 19th, 2021 :

If you want to practice a fully randomized Queue, you can now uncheck all of the “cluster”-related toggles in the Queue section of your settings.

Thanks, RemNote team!