Audio upload and function like awesomeTTS

Hi, I’m a serious language learner and life long subscriber, I’m very happy with the pdf function, I can learn a lot with books! However, I used to make flash cards with awesomeTTS plugin and Anki or with audios I made to practice listening skills , this is a must for a serious language learner, please make it real, thank you!

Related, but not necessarily the same as Speak flashcards


Yes! I agree. I love the little add audio button in Anki. I use it to quickly add correct pronunciation for language learning. With pictures and audio, I can help my youngest son learn our tribal language even though he is too little to read much. It is nice that audio can be added to RemNote, but a little record button would be so much quicker. It would be especially handy for language teachers to reinforce correct pronunciation or just give students a sense of things like sentence cadence when sending notes to students.

Recently moved study sessions & note-taking over to Remote & abounded Anki. However, Anki has a feature allowing recorded audio to the back or front of a flashcard. I would like to see them implemented on remote if possible. For example, suppose I get a card wrong. In that case, I can play the audio that I recorded to explain the concept, thus improving my ability to make connections when studying actively.

Hello, RemNote has an option to include audio to files. For instance,

You can do so by doing the command /audio. However, it seems it can only include URLs. (do correct me if I’m wrong)

If I may also suggest, I suggest using a site like to record/upload audio you already have and share them as links. Red Gregory has also shared another way to get audio, if you need to do so here:

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Thank you for your information! That may solve some of my problems. The remain is if I have a lot of mp3 files of vocabularies, it’s too many steps to upload them and share their link one by one…

No problem!
I agree with you as well, which is why I also voted for this feature request. It would be tedious to have to do it manually like that :confused:
I hope something like this becomes a feature in the future!