Autohide children in portal?

Not sure if this was a glitch or something before or if I am doing something wrong now, but it used to be that when I portaled in a rem that had prior children, I could collapse the rem, add a new line and tab to create a new child and the other children rem would remain hidden on the new page. Then I could chose which of the hidden children rem would show up on the current page. I went to the original page of the rem I portaled from, the new children I created would be hidden on that page.

I liked having this, but now that doesn’t seem to work. Whenever I portal in an existing rem with children and collapse the existing rem, and child rem, the existing rem remain hidden on the current page, but I don’t have the option to choose which of the previous rem to show on my current page. When I go to the original page that I portalled in from, the new child rem I created on the prior page shows up and is no longer automatically hidden. Also, when I copy and paste and instead of create a new rem in a portal that has its existing children collapsed, it pastes the new rem, but automatically uncollapses the previous existing children and shows all of them. Was this changed or is there a setting that I can toggle to have it function the way I had it previously?