Automatic flashcards tagging based on difficulty

I’m watching the course " How to Ace your Exams : The Method to Mastery" on Skillshare and at lesson 17 “RemNote Tutorial 10: Linking Ideas” it says we could use RemNote for tagging cards as #hard while we review them, in order to organise another study session based on that. It would be useful to have the possibility for RemNote to automatically tag all the card based on their difficulty right after selecting the corresponding face (not just hard but any difficulty), without having to do it manually. Is this something already available? Otherwise I’d suggest to implement it.
Thanks in advance.

I think what you are looking for is a subset of the feature request Card browser, preview and filter. We need a way to filter cards not only based on the difficulty level, but also on several other card attributes (how much time did I spend on the card, how many times did I forget the card, card ease, age, phase etc. ) depending on what the learner is trying to achieve


Yes, maybe my feature request is easier to achieve quickly, but it would be nice to have all the features you suggested in the other thread.