"Automatically Sort" make text cursor jump around when typing


It will put the cursor at the beginning of rem when I start typing…


it’s specific to 1.4 btw

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I’m running into a similar (the same?) issue in the beta with Automatically Sort power-up Rem. It was fixed in the current release version but seems to have reappeared in the beta.

When adding items to an automatically sorted outline, there’s some sort of error that disrupts typing of items on resort, resetting the cursor to the beginning of the line immediately after sort, resulting in a typo. (If you type “One”, “Two”, “Three” the disruption arises on “Three”, but if you type “Zebra”, “Giraffe”, then the disruption happens on “Giraffe”, etc.)

This happens in the latest versions of both Chrome and Firefox.



Any word on when this might be fixed? I run into it every day, because I have lots of sorted lists.