Awesome-remnote: List of plugins, themes and other resources

A list of awesome RemNote plugins, themes, tutorials and other resources.
[An awesome list (a Github phenomenon) is basically a mindmap in list form helping people discover the best parts of an ecosystem.]

Help wanted: If you know a good resource which is not already on the list, please open an issue, make a PR or @ me on Discord.

I made this with the intention to make themes and plugins easily discoverable by new and experienced users. This can serve as a temporary solution for developers to share their work until we have a dedicated store/marketplace/whatever (CSS and plugin hub?).
I hope in the future we can channel some community efforts to develop plugins and themes and help RemNote grow.


Perfect! Thanks for that :smiley:


This is great, thanks for putting this together!

We’re also happy to add more plugins to the featured plugins page - just follow the steps at


I actually did not know and think about this. Seems obvious now.

I am not sure now how to handle it. Conceptually an awesome list should be “the best parts”, i.e. a subset of the store which it will evolve to long term. But I also don’t want the community to have to distract the devs with little additions (prototype plugins, change of a get parameter) all the time as long as this is not automated (One-click install plugins).

As long as there are very few plugins I might just list them all including prototypes and sort stuff out as more is developed.


I’m curious. How can I see this one working? (It’s the tables one)

I realize it’s probably just some very early prototype, but I have no idea how to make it do anything…

Also, I’d like to try playing around creating some basic plugins, but I don’t know where to begin. I can do very basic html/css/js, but have never used github… Any tips? Maybe could be useful to have a super basic stepbystep, from scratch to plugin…


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It would be great if you could add images / gifs about each resource in the readme. I did not give much importance to this until I have seen in another post what you have done with the tags, it is incredible!

Yeah, I guess you have to be already into awesome lists to appreciate them. One main purpose of an awesome list though is to serve as a compact summary. So I would rather not make the main list any longer by adding images. But I’d love if we could make a secondary list, like awesome-remnote/, with nice images about plugins.
I was actually planning to outsource the CSS snippets to another repo where I would add screenshots like I did in remnote-library:

Making good screenshots is a lot of work though. Any help for a plugin list is appreciated! You can always open issues or make pull requests on github.

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I added some books (references for notetaking and learning) and would like to link them, but to what?

  • Amazon
  • Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Wikipedia (if available)
  • no links
  • other (see my reply)

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Amazon Affiliate Links (and Amazon in general) feel a bit strange to me as it has an anti-open-source touch, but it could be what people would like the most. Affiliate links have have no downside (?) for the link clicker compared to regular Amazon links. But it feels bad to take advantage of the list like that. But Amazon gets less money. IDK…

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I honestly think goodreads is a no-brainer. It automatically collects editions in multiple languages and has some common shelves in case there aren’t any library suggestions in the book itself. Let people use whatever store or library they choose to get the book. Wikipedia is under no obligation to list any books at all, let alone have a separate page for each.

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