Backend API not working?

I tried to access my edit later rem but response 500 is returned. Is there something wrong with the server or with my codes (in python)?

url = ""
header = {"apiKey": "myapiKey", "userId": "myUserId", "remId": "myRemId"}
response =, data=header)

Thanks for your help.

I think all plugins are not working properly at this moment.

even I contacted the support in discord. They said they disabled the function.

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The backend API has been disabled because it was bottlenecking syncing. We want to add it back in the future :+1:


Thank you for the notification. I really hope that the backend API can be re-enabled because I have spent quite a lot of time trying to integrate remnote and notion database. I have been relying on the API for syncing the Edit-Later-tagged rems with a database in notion.

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Maybe you could use the new plugin system we released for this? Are you syncing only in one direction, ie. RemNote → Notion, or both ways, RemNote <-> Notion?

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oh you building the plugin to integrate with notion? that’s awesome :grinning: We all looking for the backend API in remnote. I hope you would enable it with 2.0 version.

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From RemNote → Notion only. So plugins are working now? @JRY just said all plugins are not working.

What I made was only a python script for talking with RemNote server, allowing rems tagged with Edit-Later to be imported into Notion, and when a rem is set as “Done” a similar tag appears for the corresponding entry in Notion. It was working fine.
I have no idea how to develop a plug-in. But if the plugins are working fine I may try to learn about that.

You can read about the new plugin system here: I think it would definitely be possible to remake your notion syncing script with the new plugin system. You would have to use javascript/typescript though. If you need help, I would be happy to give you a hand, you can message me either here or on Discord (Jamesb#7557)


Hello. Just wanted to see if there was any update on the backend API and to see if there is any official confirmation that it will be reactivated. I checked the feedback board and couldn’t find it anywhere but also didn’t know if it was different given it was an existing feature previously.

I think the backend API is important for basic access and use. I personally want to push simple local markdown files to RemNote as well as pull down some Rem for use in other programs. For this I don’t need any features presented within Remnote like the plugin system does, as cool as that is. Backend lets me automate tasks I want to do in the language I am comfortable using. I think there are others who may feel the same. Just want to share a use case for where the backend API is great.

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In your use case, do you need to be able to perform these tasks while remnote is not currently running on your computer? If not, someone (me, you, someone else in the community) could create a rest API which runs inside a frontend plugin and forwards requests to the plugin system and returns the result. Then you would be able to interact with the API from any external program / language. The only limitation compared to the backend API is that it would not work while remnote is closed.

For me pushing data into remnote while Remnote is not running is super important. It makes things like automatic syncing of emails and third-party tools to Remnote possible which are integral to my workflow. A first step could be a zapier integration, that way you guys could limit incoming traffic to one source which might help with scaling. Eventually you could then open up the full-fledged REST API to the public again.


My use case does need to be able to update if Remnote is not running. The intent is to push md files from other sources. I won’t necessarily have Remnote running. I also can’t say enough for the simplicity of a REST API since it is language agnostic.

I’m guessing from the lack of activity here and no other updates that the backend API is officially off the roadmap?

There’s a Feature Request to enable it, but hard to say how viable it is.