Backlink references are showing sorted by date or separated by rem, how to go back?

Ok, I just realized that the portal of references (the one that appears in the bottom of any document) now is sorted oddly, and is not working for me this way. The references are separated by date or just by themselves, even if they are siblings:

Is there a way to stop this behavior? I want to see my references ordered as they are in the documents, as it used to be! Thanks!

You can change the sorting by clicking on the three dots of the portal and then ‘unsorted’

Thanks, Henrik, that’s exactly what I need! However, I can’t see that menu. I’m using the WPA, are you using the Desktop app?

Hey, @Karthikk, any idea when is this going to be addressed? It’s been more than two months, now. Just checking. Hope you have a nice day.

Just noticed that the sorting feature is currently only available on the beta server:

Oh, I see. A little odd that they changed in the main server before having ready that feature. Thanks, mate!