Backspace and delete don't work for some Rems

Hi, all.

I’ve been using RemNote for a couple months now, and one thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes, for completely unknown reasons, Rems act as if they’re “locked” or somehow separate from the other Rems around them. It’s hard to explain, but suppose I have something like this:

  • Rem 1 text
  • Rem 2 text

If I put my cursor at the beginning of Rem 2 and press backspace, I would expect that second Rem to be deleted and for “Rem 2 text” to move up to the end of Rem 1. Instead, absolutely nothing happens. Similarly, if I instead place my cursor at the end of Rem 1 and hit delete to bring “Rem 2 text” up a line, nothing happens once again! I have absolutely no clue why this happens, but it happens very, very frequently and is super annoying.

This used to happen before the redesign, as well, so it isn’t a new bug. I was hoping the refresh would fix it, but no such luck. Any ideas?