Basic question : how do you copy paste text (itself, not the ref) from PDF?

I would like sometime to make google searches from text that I copy and paste from the PDFs.

Of course the CTRL+C triggers the copy of the reference to the text, not the text itself.

It is probably well known, but I can find it, sorry if it’s obvious :confused:

You can’t directly atm. Martin himself noted this as a feature request here:

The workaround is to highlight the text, go to the pdf highlights page (top left button on the pdf view) and copy the text from there. Optionally delete the highlight again.

Alternatively when you add an alias to the highlight reference (select reference, enter) the text of it is selected as well and can be copied.

thank you for your answer!

see my answer below, there is a way with shift

Ok found it :



Thanks, TIL! That must be new!

@_yb It is not working for me.

@Hp_96 Hello,

The CTRL+SHIFT+C is working for me
(Desktop app, Windows 11)

There is even a toast appearing in the top corner, showing me that the text is copied as plain text and not a reference to the PDF