Behavior of flashcards when a rem is updated


Maybe this subject has been already discussed but how do the flashcard algorithm behaves when you change the content of a rem ( small change or big one if you add content or change the type of flashcard )
Does it create a new flashcard and therefore is considered as a new flashcard in the queue or is it considered as a existing flashcards with past data attached to it ( for example number of times this specific flashcard has already been studied) ?
Many thanks
I love remnote

All rem have a unique id and further create unique cards with separate schedules for fronts, backs, and clozes. If you edit the contents of a front or back, it maintains its schedule. If you write into an existing cloze, it maintains its schedule. If you create a new cloze, it will create a new card with a new schedule. If you add or activate a front or back that didn’t exist or wasn’t activated, they will have new schedules.

Thank you for your answer.
So basically, it is better to edit a flashcard as little as possible if you have started studying it .
Otherwise, creating a new one might be a better option.
Thank you

You can copy and paste the text from the old one or force practice it and hit “again” to bust down some (but not all) ease on it.

Ok thank you for that, I’ll try that.