Best way to insert an image-file for Synchronizing

Hey guys,

I think drag and drop is not good (because its only the on my iMac). I want to see it on my MacBook too!?

Whats the best way? At the moment I download the image, then I upload it to pic-upload site and then I copy the link with “Insert Image” into RemNote.

But… that’s not really nice… and the images can be - in a few years - offline…

Is there a better way?

I would prefer the drag and drop option and the image will be in the cloud of RemNote… :slight_smile:

Hope you can help me with this


Right-click the image, copy it rather than the link to it, then paste with ctrl+v, this will upload to remnote servers (more specifically, aws servers leased by remnote, but you get the point). Similarly, you can use any snipping tool to get parts of the image into your clipboard and paste it in. The only reason to upload images to a third-party website would be to get around the 5 Mb per image limit.

Can the pasted images show up even when I use Remnote offline? Like in Anki that downloads all your data for your offline use

Cos I tried using Remnote offline in my tablet and the pasted photos are not displaying at all (please see photo below)

@Yuri Was this the mobile app or in the browser.

Offline image upload is not supported in the web version, only in the desktop app and I’m not sure about the mobile app.

@hannesfrank YES, please find a solution around this, It’s a major issue. I have the same problem; I upload a lot of screenshots using the desktop app, but when I review my cards using my phone (android); the images do not load. I usually end up having to skip those cards because they are not accessible to me.

I spend most days outside and can’t access the desktop readily so I have to rely on my phone. It’s frustrating.

Ok, thank you very much!!

@hannesfrank I uploaded the photos using the desktop app but when I try to view them offline in my tablet (android app) - the photos with the image occlusion weren’t there. So does this mean that I need to be always connected to the wifi to view the images?

Actually yes. Not having images offline on mobile/web is expected, not sure what I was thinking yesterday…: Images are only saved to disk for the Desktop App. Websites cannot load files from disk for security reasons and many people may not want to store a lot of files on a usually online mobile device with limited storage space. I guess we could enable this via a setting devices with more storage?

In any case the app should give more helpful feedback than just not showing an image and explain why you don’t see it.

@hannesfrank Yes please, it would be very helpful if the images can be viewed offline in the future. Thanks for your clarification!

same issue here, please fix it! I have so many Image Occlusion cards tht I can’t use offline on my daily commute. this is the reason I bought pro. but it doesn’t work. so,…