Best way to select all text from cursor position till end of Rem, using only keyboard?

For example, let’s say my cursor is located right before the sentence in bold below, and I want to select that sentence in bold using only the keyboard.

The best way I know to do that is using SHIFT+CTRL+RIGHT (hold it a few seconds, or press it a few times) until full sentence is selected. Is there a better way? Same thing for text at the very start of a Rem.

Otherwise I’d make a feature request so that when using SHIFT+DOWN and the cursor is at the last line, the rest of the text is selected. Only if I do SHIFT+DOWN again the full Rem should be selected. Same for the top (for UP). If you have a better suggestion let me know!

If you use window you can use “Ctrl + Shift + End” and you can use the inverse of these is “Ctrl + Shift + Home” to select all the sentence before the cursor.
See more shortcut like these - 42+ Text-Editing Keyboard Shortcuts That Work Almost Everywhere (

I think SHIFT+PG DOWN does the trick

Thanks! It worked.

Where can I find all shortcuts? I don’t see that one in my Settings/Keyboard shortcuts

It’s not really a Remnote specific shortcut, it what I use to select a large amount of text in windows in general. Il selects “one page” of text down from the cursor.
What you are trying to do is helped by the fact that Remnote considers each rem as an independent entity… therefore using the PGDOWN leads you in most case to the end of the rem. I’m not sure what happens if you have a rem that is multiple pages long for example.

I think that is the typical hotkey for PC. So more device shortcut vs app shortcut

I’m not at the PC at the moment but I believe that shift + down arrow does the same thing as the page down option. Usually if one doesn’t work I try the other

Do let me know if you try it.

Like I said, SHIFT+arrow doesn’t work for me. It selects the entire Rem.

Just checked on the PC

The solution offered above is what would work. The shift & arrow selects the entire block as you had previously mentioned. I was mistaken on that

Unfortunately this can not be done from a smart/phone… :disappointed: