Best way to utilize Remnote

I have been using Remnote for over a year (although I still don’t consider myself an expert)
I am a 1st year med student
considering what I have studied till now, and the notes I have made on this platform, what I feel is that, the best use of Remnote is to design textbooks

I think that the functionalities of Remnote are amazing, second to none, but at the same time, you need a lot of time and expertise over the subject (and co orelations to various other subjects) to fully utilize the functionalities of remnote

I have been using Remnote since day 1 of my medschool
I have tried to make notes of every textbook I could get my hands on.
My year is about to be completed within days

After creating about 14,500 cards and god knows how many rems, I came to this conclusion, that if textbooks came in the format of Remnote, I would absolutely love to read that textbook.

SO my humble, suggestion to the creators of remnote is that, if you can incorporate various textbooks in Remnote, and that just sell those textbooks (in the form of raw Remnote files), I will be happy to pay for those kinds of books

(The co relations between various subjects (like physiology, and biochemistry) Remnote can provide, are just amazing, and it has helped me form connections, that I could not have possibly done without this app)
(students can directly form flashcards from the textbook itself)(they can add their own mindmaps and can edit the textbook as they like)

Thank you very much


See also FlexBooks® | CK-12 Foundation

Ooh, its nice
Although, I was thinking of collection of medical textbooks for 2 - 3 subjects