Beta server uses "live" data

I was a little surprised that the Beta server is using my “live” data rather than making a copy. Should I be concerned about the loss of data? Is there a possibility that the data structures would change such that I could not or should not go back to the non-beta site?

Hey @gregfuller ! That’s a good question, thanks for reaching out.

Before pushing an update to the beta server we already do internal checks with a separate internal server, and so data loss wouldn’t be a major possibility. Additionally, we make sure that we only push new features or data structure migrations that have backwards compatibility with the regular server. Any migration that wouldn’t be compatible will not be pushed into the Beta Server.

So it’s safe to say that you can use both the beta server and normal server simultaneously, our goal is that a user should be able to use the Beta Server as their daily driver.

The only downside would be a few minor new bugs introduced with the new update, for which we have a separate Bug report channel on the forum and that will be attended to with higher priority and hence these new bugs would likely be squashed within a few days of a beta server release.

We are constantly trying to make the whole experience as unobtrusive and comfortable as possible for the user, and that’s why we don’t want users to have duplicate KBs between the normal and beta server. If you would like, you can very well use the Beta Server as your daily driver.