Blue calendar on Daily Document; can't find it in search

The calendar for today appears in blue instead of gray and I can’t delete it and edit the name. I wouldn’t care, but I also can’t seem to find the rem for today when trying to use “/parent” to change the parent of another rem to today. What did I do wrong/ how to fix it?

Screenshot from 2021-04-05 17-43-29

You will not be able to do so since it is a power up (signified by arrow in the circle icon for the Daily document)

This you should be able to do. However, you do not have a day generated by default every day unlike some other apps. So have you made an April 5th document already before doing this? You can do this by pressing Alt + D or going to the sidebar & hovering over your documents & select the Today’s Document option. After that when you try moving it you should be able to find the date.

Depending what exactly you are trying to do you could go to the date you are interested in & create a portal or a reference instead. Or when you are at the rem in question you could do the same thing or press !! & select the date depending how you are wanting to connect things up

Hope something here is of help to you

Thanks for your answer. One thing I don’t understand is that I thought I hadn’t done anything different for today than any of my other days. However, today is my only day in blue in more than 500 days. Most of them were created with the Alt+D that you mention. Maybe blue = today and I hadn’t noticed until now.

Yes the blue is indicating the current day. This can be useful once you have many other Daily Documents

Aside from the blue though were you able to figure your other issues out?

I think now it’s fine! I used to not be able to find April 5th even when searching literally April 5th, but seems now solved. Thanks!

Glad I could help out :grin: