Breaking issues not patched quickly

There are some priority one issues that are marked as “fixed-in-next-update” on Github issues. I’m not understanding why these issues aren’t patched and updated as soon as fixes are implemented, as many of them (the priority 1 issues) significantly break people’s workflows.

For example #656, #673, #695 on Github Issues are major bugs.


I’m not experiencing any issues that are a real detriment to my usage now, but I was looking at the Github issues and wondering if a fixed release schedule might lie ahead. I know big software outfits tend to release weekly, but appreciate that RemNote is a much smaller operation. Still, I really appreciated the constant drumbeat of improvements brought by Erica (and her team?) over at Dynalist. For a long time, they seemed to roll out new fixes and features once monthly. It’d be cool to see that with Remnote eventually.

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The update with these issues will be patched tomorrow; we’ve just been taking some time to do some extra testing.

We don’t post changelogs for all minor bugfix updates, but you can see our major update changelog here!


Thanks, @Martin! I really appreciate all the hard work you’re putting into making Remnote such as unique and useful tool.

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Still no update… Did I misunderstand “patched tomorrow”?

The updates was deployed as a minor bugfix update (no detailed listing on Are there breaking issues that you’re experiencing?

Well I‘m still facing this issue

as you can see in this screenshot

Can you please confirm that this is not resolved when you refresh?

Do you mean like this? image

This does seem to be a visual glitch only so I can live with it, still hope that this can be fixed very soon