Broken Spaced Repetition ("Forgotten" Cards never show up again in the queue)

(Talking about both practicing rems “with Spaced Repetition” or “All Cards”)
Whenever a Card is categorized as “Forgotten” and needs to be showed again in 1min, it never shows up again in the same rehearsal, in the queue you are in. If it was a two-sided Card, then the back might come within the next 40 min but not the front.
I figured out that actually, if you stop learning your Flashcards and close the rehearsal page, when you load a new queue of Flashcards, the Cards you had categorized as “Forgotten” will, somehow, show up for some of them. When it comes to other spacings, I haven’t verified if the Cards were accurately shown many hours or days later.

That is quite problematic as it impacts the mere ambition of Remnote to help us learn our words, knowledge, our Cards eventually. It sadfully prevents me from Subscribing to Remnote.
Am I the only one facing that issue ?


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