Buffer & control new rems insertion to flashcards review queue

Hi everyone

I was really glad to notice the “New Cards Per Day” param in the Flashcards settings.
However, it seems to me that “it does not really do what it says it does.”

Even when the daily threshold has been crossed, new cards still enter the queue.
The only thing is a “warning” message: “Congratulations ! you have learned X cards today…”

This is a bit of a pity IMHO because it deprives the user of the satisfaction of an empty queue

I hope that this can be addressed in a future release :slight_smile:


??? :upside_down_face:

Could there be something like a “buffer” where new cards are stored until they enter the actual flashcard review queue ?

Could this allow to control:

  • either the number of cards or the “unloading rate” (ex: insert 5% of buffer to the review queue every day)
  • “stratify” the insertion rate per suject / tags / document (ex: of the cards that enter the queue, ideally, 30% from #ComputerScience, 20% from #Mathematics, and the rest, at random.

Am I the only one finding this feature usefull / cool ?

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform.