[Bug] Latex in clozes creates unnecessary additional empty clozes

Remnote does already support using Latex in clozes, which is pretty nice. (It’s not supporting using clozes in math, as suggested by Cloze support for Math (Latex)?, https://www.reddit.com/r/remNote/comments/il08k2/is_there_a_way_to_cloze_delete_latex_equations/, which would also be nice but which is not the issue here.)

The issue is that when entering Latex in a cloze, a new cloze is started for the Latex, even when the existing cloze is empty, thus creating empty clozes in many cases. These empty clauses can be manually removed, but that’s tedious.

Long-term fix would be to allow Latex in combination with text in a single cloze.

Short-term fix would be to check whether the existing cloze is empty before automatically starting a new cloze for the Latex.


Related: Other issues with clozes https:// forum.remnote .io/t/latex-in-cloze-fill-in-the-blank/927/2, have already been fixed probably. (Broken link, because new users can only put 2 links in a single post, sorry.)

Thanks for the report, but could you maybe provide us with a screenshare of this behaviour, so that’s it’s easy to visualise what’s happening? Thank you!

This might be related.

I made a screen video, but cannot upload it (no video file formats allowed). Can I send it by mail perhaps?

The easiest way to share a screen recording might be using loom.com, it’s free as well.
But if email is better for you, kindly send it to community@remnote.io and share the link to this topic as well for context. Thanks!