Bug when changing the omnibar shortcut

Because cmd+ / doesn’t work with my keyboard layout, I changed it to cmd + J

But sometimes when I activate the shortcut the letter J gets typed into the omnibar. I also tried other shortcuts like cmd + K but the issue stays.

To reproduce this you first have to have a document open or else the issue isn’t there anymore, like if I’m in settings or on flashcards and open the omnibar, there isn’t a J.

Hi, I’ve been struggling with the same issue but have found a workaround solution !
(French MacOS user here, but I’ll keep it in English for others :wink: )

One way of getting around the problem is to change the Omnibar shortcut:
from the default "Cmd + /""Cmd + Shift + :" in the “Keyboard shortcuts” menu of the RemNote settings.

This virtually changes the shortcut to “Cmd + Shift + /” (since our layout requires a “Shift + :” to type a “/”), and as a result the character that you usually got in the omnibar search tab (the j, k, etc. that you describe) is not present. I imagine that the omnibar always receives the character in the command, but in this instance it gets a “/” and knows not to write it in the bar. If so, the implementation of the whole omnibar shortcut should be revised I imagine.

Anyway, there is one more interesting thing. Changing the settings according to my solution is not possible everywhere, and in particular not when using RemNote on Firefox. It works on Safari and the MacOS desktop app though. Once the setting is changed, however, the new shortcut can be used anywhere (including in Firefox, don’t ask me why …).

So be sure to change the settings in Safari / the desktop app :wink: (took me some time to figure out)


Nice find! But I use the Swiss layout so this workaround doesn’t work for me, however for whatever reason option + shift + 7, which results in the image below, does work