Bugs on Custom Font

Cursive (hand-writing-styled fonts in general) does not work on mobile Safari (both the iPhone and iPad).

I have imported Patrick-Hand font from Google font and it displays well on my laptop; however, it is replaced by a different font on my iPad.

I tried different hand-writing-styled fonts, but all of them were replaced by this same (default) font on my mobile devices.

This is what looks like on my laptop (what I intended).

This is what looks like on my iPad (and my phone as well, which I did not intend).

I imported this exact same font to other note-taking apps or platforms for experimental purposes, and there was no such issue.

Could you please share your css code? Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Eiko,

this is the Tskn theme (with my own minor modification). You can find the code by searching “Tskn RemNote Theme.” Since this is not mine, I don’t have a GitHub page that can be shared with you.

no, i meant the css code you use to change the font