Bulk merge all documents with same name/Roam export duplicate problem

Hi there,

Firstly, I am absolutely loving this tool, and would like to thank the team for making it.

I have done a roam export and now most of my pages in roam have duplicates (sometimes up to 8).

This would be find for a few pages, but it gets tedious to have to click merge for hundreds of pages to avoid duplicates.

Is there a better way to solve this?

I would also love it if it were possible to delete unlinked top-level rem or pages. I have loads of CSS rem from my roam export that serve no purpose apart from cluttering my workspace.

Image of duplicates:

Thank you so much for any help!


Would it be possible to add a feature that merges all of your duplicate rems at once. I imported my database from roam research, and most of my pages have loads of duplicates. It would be too time consuming to merge all of these one by one.

Thank you!


Yes, please add this. I love the new RemNote and want to start using it, but right now I have duplicates of nearly all my Roam imports. It’s exhausting trying to get it straightened out.


How All Pages in your Roam look like?
Did you select all and Export?

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Yes, I’ve exported correctly.

What appears to be happening is that if I import a folder from Roam called “Book Notes” it takes all the notes and places them in a folder called “Book Notes” and each note is turned into a Document. Any other mention of any book name from another note get’s turned into a top level rem. For instance if I wrote on a daily note “Today I’m going to read some more of [[Atomic Habits]]” it will be imported into RemNote and make Atomic Habits as a top level rem and won’t merge it with the document version of it.

Here’s an example:

This is a page I imported

It has it in a folder as a document and as a top level rem. Imagine this times 2,000+ and it creates a huge problem.

I can take the document and turn it into a top level rem and then I get the option to merge it with all other pages with the same name.

Here it is as a document:

Here it is after turning it into a top level rem:

Not it has the ability to merge. But this is unmanageable for thousands of documents. I had 700+ duplicates of “Readwise” because each time it tagged a book or article it created a new page. It was easy enough merge, but it creates a huge problem when you import thousands of notes. Not to mention that importing the notes adds spaces in between each bullet as well. So then I would have to go in to thousands of notes and remove the spaces to keep correct formatting.

It seems easier to just copy and paste pages in one at a time which isn’t the end of the world. This gives me proper formatting and I can make sure I don’t create duplicates.

Needless to say, the importer needs some major work. But 1.4 looks amazing and I think every update has been amazing. Hopefully there can be a solution to this. Thanks so much!

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