Bullet resizing super faint on desktop app (Dark Mode)

The bullet resizing to represent # of descendants is so faint, almost invisible on the desktop app. No issue in Chrome browser.

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I think that you are using RemNote 1.6 in the app but in the browser you are using RemNote 1.5ā€¦
So this is the bug of RemNote 1.6

Just adding this here if it helps. Iā€™m using @Browneyedsoul 's CSS for notion-style bullets. And that continues to have good visibility in beta version too. Here is the code

/* Notion like No Bullet Editor Mode */
@import url(ā€œhttps://browneyedsoul.github.io/RemNote-CSS-Library/Notion%20like%20No%20Bullet%20Editor%20Mode.cssā€);