Can not get Custom CSS Working

I tried to use the following simple custom CSS:

.rem[data-rem-tags~="quote"] {
color: #333333;

When I apply the “quote” tag with double # ("##") I get a screenshot of the code snippet, instead of the custom CSS to be applied. Like this:

What is wrong?

Added in the next post the screenshot of my custom CSS.

Adding here how my Custom CSS looks like:

press ctrl + enter after you type ## for the first time tag. it will create a rem for quote. Don’t tag it with css snippet.

Thank you the answer. I did not understood properly, but I was able to “fake” the mechanism that you described.

I was able to get it working. The proper way to do it is somewhat different, but here is how I built up probably the same structure that is required to do a Tag + Custom CSS:

Custom CSS has to have a “Rem” with the same name as in the CSS (“data-rem-tags”) and you can apply that tag in other “Rems”.

So the hierarchy is kinda like this:

  • Snippet // or whatever name you want to give to hold it, it does not matter.

    • [ ] Name of the tag, should be the same as in CSS, in this case Quote

    • The CSS itself

And to use it you apply the Tag: in this case Quote like in the next post (I can only post one pictures :slightly_frowning_face: ):

Yes, this is what I said. you need to create a new tag in the name of the css snippets. Ctrl + enter is hotkey for creating new rem.

alt+enter is the hotkey, ctrl+enter will either make a todo or mark one as finished/unfinished. The rem that will serve as a tag can also have any arbitrary name (as long as the CSS snippet itself is edited to match) and be stored anywhere.

Here is the tag applied:

Very pleased was able to get a table working.

Table Image 1, how the custom CSS looks like:

Table Image 2, Before applying the “Table” tag:

Table Image 3: After applying the tag, showing the Table in full glory:

yes, you can play around with css. Mine is fully customized to look like in notion.

@UMNiK But new rem is created when you tag or referred for the first time by pressing ctrl + enter. So, this is not the hotkey then what exactly hotkey is? which shortcut key should I not mention it as hot key? can you pls explain it :pray:

From search the hotkey is indeed ctrl+enter (this will by default dump the new rem at the top level), however, from any other rem the shortcut to create a new empty rem just below (ideally moved to be a child of the snippet’s title, to keep track of tag rem for the snippet) is alt+enter (or just enter if the caret is at the end). It doesn’t matter which method is used to create a new rem as long as that new rem’s text is then exactly the same as whatever is in the CSS snippet.