Can remnote realize the Wikipedia's "V·T·E" function?

just like as the pic shows

Hi @adtcn would you be able to explain more of what you mean?

A simple solution in RemNote would be to create a template for ‘Car Makers’ which has children rem “Current”, “Discontinued”, “Concept Vehicles” etc.

Then you would put all the relevant info as rem in the right children categories.

Currently RemNote can’t make tables. But with indentation, it should be possible to see the difference between ‘topic’ and ‘content’ in a table row.

Once you have done this for a few ‘Car Makers’, if you open a search portal for “Motor Sport”, you would arrive at all entries for Subaru, but also e.g. for Honda, Toyota etc.

But I suspect you mean something else. Do you just want a ‘table, with related data’?

What is it about the V·T·E function do you want RemNote to do?
Why? Is there a way of thinking, or a workflow, that Wikipedia editors use, that you can explain to us?
Maybe Wikipedia editors have a clear and smart way of thinking — can you share what that is?

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thanks for your kind reply.
What I want is to correct the relevant info together, just as what you wrote. It is a regret that we can’t make tables currently.

I find mediawiki’s way of organizing knowledge to be very enlightening. There should be a lot of reference for remnote.