Cannot access Remnote data after latest update


On applying the latest update (1.8.48) on Windows 10 I am unable to access my data (it still lives via Android and web client). What I get on windows is just a pulsing Remnote logo. I tried reinstalling the latest version both before and after clearing the remnote folder (but maybe not catching all areas to purge) but while I had to login again after purging the folders it prompted for another update and then ended up in the same pulsing logo.

What can I do to restore proper operation on the windows side?



Same here

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I am also having this problem on two different machines running Windows 10 & 11.

I am doubtful this is a problem a user will be able to resolve.

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Im having the same issue

Please contact support using the “Message Support” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.