Cant Expand Tagged Rems anymore (1.4

As part of my on-going process to move away from hand written notes, OneNote and Microsoft To-Do, I use daily docs as a electronic journal and tag things that keep cropping up or need work etc etc.

With version 1.3, I was able to go to a tag, and see all my journal entries under ‘Tagged Rem’. If there was a rem with children, I could expand to see all my notes for that Rem, including the child and grandchildren rem’s, to-do’s etc etc

The ability to sort tagged rems by ‘creation date’ or ‘unsorted’ is excellent in the Beta 1.4 version and helps my work flow.

But the ability to expand the ‘tagged Rem’s’ has gone. Is this deliberate (which is going to have a SIGNIFICANT impact on my work flow), or a bug?
(I’m accessing the 1.4 beta via google)

Please advise


Just found that you have to click on the Rem first to re-define focus and then the expand/collapse button appears.

In 1.3 the button appeared when you moused over it.

Hey hoo - new learning experience



The rem buttons of toggled rem are hidden until the portal is focused to prevent overlap of the portal menu and the menu of the first portaled rem.

I guess we can lift that restriction for the backlink section.

We are also considering moving the portal menu to the right.