Can't type this symbol {

Whenever I try to type { nothing happens, meaning that I can’t use the cloze shortcut. } works as expected however

I can still type { on my PC (Windows, both Web and Desktop)
Can use type { outside of RemNote…

It’s probably an iPad only issue then
Edit: Actually I think it’s my keyboard layout. When I switch to the US layout and try it I can use the symbol. So for whatever reason when you use a German keyboard layout and input option + 8 to type a curly bracket, it won’t work

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At least I found out just now that you can also cloze like this }}blank}} (you can also cloze like this {{blank{{ btw.)

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Yeah, creating cloze with }} is amazing… because sometimes I will press }} by chance instead of {{ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: