Can't use Web clipper, keeps asking me to login when I am already logged in

When I try to use the web clipper it says:

Please log in to Remnote to access the Remnote Clipper.


But I am already logged in


I don’t know if it helps, but : you have to log in your web clipper separately from logging in
Actually, it doesn’t matter if you’re connected to, you only need to log in the web clipper for it to function. If you didn’t do, this behaviour is normal

When I get the above message and I press login it takes me to my already logged in remote page.

If I go back to the article and try to clip once more, it prompts me with the same, you have to login message.

actually you are right :upside_down_face: I’ve been logged out of the extension, and now, same as you, I’m stuck at the login.

I’ve tried with disconnecting from before signing in the extension : that doesn’t work either.
I’m working in chromium based edge

I am having the same issue

Maybe its visions?

It’s working for me today.

Did it resolve for you too?

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yep it does work again, perfect :+1: