Card meta data schedule and adjustment for individual card

Is it possible to enable the ability to adjust the meta data for the individual card ? As in ability to adjust ease factor; when it would next be scheduled and the interval ? (similar to rememorise add on for anki)

It is possible to replicate something similar to the rememorize add on that is used in Anki. Add on allows you to change the scheduling for an individual card; also change its ease factor. Frequently listed as one of the most popular add ons in Anki. Also great if the scheduling of deck is lost.

There is a way to customize the algorithm for a specific rem/document by:

  1. Zooming into the rem
  2. Clicking ••• on the top right of the editor
  3. Clicking ‘Customize Document SRS’ and then changing the parameters to your preference

Is this what you’re looking for?

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I want this too. I also want the option to have ease and interval displayed for the card during the que, as I use a low ease as a red flag for a poorly designed rem/card.

I want this feature too.

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