Change answer CSS

I’m trying a pick and mix from other peoples custom CSS but am struggling to find what CSS tag will allow me to edit the font colour of an answer.
Below is a screenshot where the question is grey and the answer is white, I’d like the reverse where the the question is white and the answer grey.

I’ve tried inspecting through web app in chrome but am not great with CSS and cant find a class name that represents this text. Any help would be appreciated


.rem-container--question-rem-type .question_rem_type {
	color : red ;
	font-weight: normal;
.rem-container--question-rem-type .rem-text {
	color : blue;

gives this


You’re a legend.Cheers

    .rem-container--question-rem-type .rem-text,
    .rem-container--concept-rem-type .rem-text,
    .rem-container--descriptor-rem-type .rem-text
    	color : grey;

did the trick