Change concept - descriptor delimiter

Is there a way to change the concept — descriptor delimiter from : or :: to something like ;:?

I am using both : and :: in my daily writing, so now I have +8000 flashcards I don’t use.

The :: is more so linked to the automatically generated Cards functionality (see here), which is one of the main attractions of RemNote (even for some that aren’t students currently). Granted, there is a small number of RemNote lovers that won’t care for this functionality. Presently, there’s no option to turn auto Card generation or the Concept-Descriptor Framework off completely.

There are a few ways to deal with automatically generated Cards at this time:

Those will trigger the Concept-Descriptor framework:

  • Disable Cards Functionality

    • You can use use this one for automatically generated Cards that aren’t ever meant to Cards.
    • More info: here and here.
  • Suspend Cards PowerUp

    • You can use this one to suspend and keep track of Cards you don’t want to be tested on at the moment. You can always search for the cards. You can use this to suspend Individual Cards (and their descendants), Documents, and Folders. More info: here.
  • Practice Individual Cards, Documents or Folders only.
    You can also Practice only individual documents/folders or Cards. The rest you can ignore or Disable or Suspend in bulk.

  • Ignore the Queue/Cards
    By not opening the Queue or Practicing any Cards, if you don’t want to practice any Cards at all (at the moment or ever). RemNote will remember the last opened place (unless you are opening from a specifically bookmarked spot).

Those won’t trigger the Concept-Descriptor framework:

  • Place :: in a Quote
    • Select the text and press the Qoute Button from the Select Menu or type `` then :: and then close the Qoute/click away.
  • Place :: in a Latex Equation Field
    • Type $$ then write :: inside the pop-up window.
  • Place it inside a Code Block
    • Type /code then write :: inside the container. Note that this is a Code Block, not Inline Code.

Personal approach Sidenote

I love everything about Concept/Descriptor Framework and like the idea of automatically generated cards even if I ignore the Queue/Card Practice completely. :sweat_smile: I keep notes in multiple Knowledge Bases.

  • For knowledge, I create Cards (just to have them made :woman_shrugging:) and disable unintended Cards with Quotes or Latex.
    (I’d Suspend or transfer old notes to another KB if I’d actually want to Practice Cards, but that isn’t my current use-case)
  • For other types of notes, I don’t create any Cards and I disable the very few unintended ones (with Disable Card/Quotes/Latex). Since I usually don’t have a use for :: instead of : in my other types of notes, not many unwanted Cards get created anyway.

Thanks @Gabriela.AD

I will play around with the different options :slight_smile: