Change rem type easily to multiline card or list card

I have trouble changing rem type. Suppose I am taking notes and I have some concepts and descriptors. now I want to convert them to multiline or list card. I have to literally cut the earlier descriptors and paste them after changing them to list or multiline card.

Is there a simple way to convert normal rems into multiline or list cards?

Drag-select the rem under their eventual parent, change their bullet style to multiline or list (this also has a key shortcut) from the bottom toolbar.

Thanks for replying.

So, if we see below, these are normal bullets(they are not cards yet).

Now if i convert them to multi line card, I did “:::”, however a,b,c still are not a part of multi-line

I have to cut and paste and delete the top bullet to get this working, is there a shortcut for this?