Change the language of the dictionary in Desktop App?

I don’t know if this (changing the dictionary language, like in the WPA) is possible, but it’s the only thing holding me from going from the WPA to the Desktop one (since all my notes are written in Spanish and I don’t like seeing them underscored, etc.). It seems there is no setting for it yet? Thanks for your answers!

Same problem here.

I’ve tried to turn the Windows spell check off but my rems on the desktop app continue to be underscored if not written in english.

I’ve also tried to disable all the browsers spellcheckers, but it didn’t work. :face_with_monocle:

Ideally I’d like to be able to have more than one dictionary active at the same time, since I write in multiple languages… Would be annoying to keep changing.

This issue might be an Electron one though. Let’s see what the devs say.

Thank for pointing this out to me, Dante!
I really wish the RemNote team would take a look at this as well!

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Just having an option to disable the spellcheck would make the Desktop App better. Of course the ability to also change the language of the dictionary would be even better.

I considered making a new feature request about the option to disable the spellcheck but I guess this feature can be included within this request.


This bothers me too when I type german words in remnote, all red waved lines… Multi-linguish use case should be taken into account for a knowledge-managing-software, especially remnote focus its market in “Study”. Hope this could be fixed soon.


Even just the ability to turn spell check off would be great. I write in Danish, so I don’t expect it to be a priority language dictionary, but I can’t use the app until something like this is implemented, and I’d rather use the app, as I’d rather work offline and locally.

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