Changing "Arrow icon" to "::" feature is required and another feedback

Dear RemNote Team,

I really appreciate your work on new updates. Lots of great new features are added and I love it!

But I’d like to leave my sincere feedback on your great work.

1. Korean Typing Problem
As a Korean user, I fell into a great problem using the updated version. There were few bugs before, but it was okay to use. The problem occurs when I make flashcards.
Yes, the main feature of the RemNote.
When I type Korean words with “::”(or ;; >> <>…) the cursor jumps into the very first letter.
For example, please regard English as Korean,
The Problem is:: Jum

pingThe Problem is:: Jum and I want it ot eb xifed.
(Correct: The Problem is:: Jumping and I want it to be fixed.)
But when I finish the typing and enter it with dot ("."), it recovers the right order. However, I found this after hours of testing. Thus, these bugs will prevent new Korean users from using RemNote.

You might think Korean users are a very small group. But some college students are actually using your work, and they really depend on it. (you can see the case in the following address though it is in Korean:

I hope you can fix this problem very soon.

I re-installed the previous version, which I have in a trash bin, luckily.

2. If you can add “Changing feature, from Arrow Icon to ::”, please update this.

This feedback is my personal feedback. I think the Arrow Icon is a great feature. It allows people to find out the characteristics of the notes intuitively.

However, I also think it is an overloaded feature. With these updates, your work loses “simplicity.” Before the updates, the notes can be used as a “Printed” version since it is very similar to the note-taking format. It was okay to add many flashcards since using “::” or “:::” is very proper with good formats.

But with the new updates, it seems like my note-taking + flashcards notes are turned into flashcards.

I don’t know why the simplicity is gone. I know that some of your team using the RemNote as a note-taking program. And I believe they have a great amount of “::” and “:::” in their notes. Then they must notice the problem. It looks too… fuzzy?

Feedback 2 might be okay when I get used to it, although I really love the simplicity of the previous version.
However, Feedback 1 is a real problem that you should fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your reading.